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VE –   Value Engineering
QA –  Quality Assurance
QC –  Quality Control
ATP –Acceptance Test Performance
Delivery on due time
Nairda Culture & Policy
For serving Nigeria customers

Nairda Ltd is one of the most experienced Contractors in Nigeria in the fields of Infrastructure, Electrical & Mechanical works, Air Conditioning, Video Surveillance and control systems, Fire fighting, Water plants and plumbing facilities. Nairda Ltd combines strength, flexibility and high performance level operating projects all over Nigeria country with its own resources and personnel of skilled managers and employees while conducting and keeping a strict policy for Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Nairda Ltd Vision is about bringing the best and most effective solutions for infrastructure and Turnkey projects to Nigerian customers and Nigeria communities with planning delivery time to be as short as possible. More than 20 years Nairda Ltd is operating in Nigeria with no history of Non-Performance in the company records.

Nairda board envisions to participate among other infrastructure projects in Mega projects starting on 2011 and going up to 2025 for long term plans in Nigeria public sector mainly in the Water Resources and in the Power arenas.

Nairda Services & Value Engineering